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Whitewater Lake Report

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutWith the unseasonably cool temps and rain this week at Striker’s Point Lodge, the bite was fairly tough over here on Whitewater Lake. Anglers were working hard for their fish using a variety of different techniques.

The Davidson group from Virginia, who made master angler status on the last report, finished their trip off with nine northerns greater than 38″. Nick ended up with a 42″ and a 46″. Bob had a 42″ and Bill also had a 42″ and a near “world record beater” that gave us a view boatside, before heading for a downed tree and wrapping himself up in the branches. The head on this thing looked like the hood of a Mack truck. Dave Merrill logged his personal best with a hefty 41″ northern.

Mike, 45in Pike SPL June 2009Mike, and his three fishing pals who have been returning guests for over ten years, found conditions equally tough. However, Steve managed a gargantuan 45″ sow while fly-fishing down the Ogoki outflow. You can hear about this remarkable catch here. Steve and his friends also got a peek at the inside of the Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Enforcement DeHavilland Beaver floatplane – read the story here.

Also with us last week were the Schramm party, mostly coming out of the Chicago area. Stuart Schramm landed a 42.5″ pike on his first day and Tim Crane repeated the feat on his last day.

The trophy pike have all come out of shallow, weedy, north shore bays, areas usually dry, but not with this year’s high water. The extra water can make it tougher to find these fish as they have much more room to hide. The good news is that we have had sunshine and stable weather for the last couple of days. The big girls may be already starting their move to deeper water.

Walleye angling should also improve with true arrival of spring – at last.
…Tyler Lancaster

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