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Whitewater Lake, Predictably Productive

July 14 2010 trophy catches, Striker's Point Wilderness NorthIt’s been another incredible week here at Striker’s Point Lodge on Whitewater Lake, with amazing fishing all around! The Nicklaus group from Wisconsin racked up four Master Angler pike. Grandpa Ron caught a 43-inch down the river near the rock pile on a large minnow. He also came close to becoming a Master Angler walleye fisherman with a 25-inch beauty. Grandson Michael brought in two master pike at 43 inches and 40 inches. The first was caught as he was reeling in a walleye, the second was caught by the island point at the mouth of the river. Mom Camille landed a 40 inch northern on a leech, also by the island point. Camille also caught a 38 inch northern and a 24 inch walleye. The youngest of the Nicklaus crew, 11-year-old Chris, had a very successful week catching over 70 walleye, the largest at 22 inches. Big brother Steven also came close to Master Angler status with two 38 inch pike. Congratulations to the Nicklaus group for some SPECTACULAR fishing!

July 14 2010 trophy catches, Striker's Point Wilderness NorthJohn Heino from Thunder Bay’s sister city in Minnesota – came  just shy of a master pike with a 39 inch pike caught using a walleye rod with a jig and no leader…it was a close call as John was worried that the fish would snap the line, but luckily after a 10 minute fight he was able to net the big girl. John and friend Tim enjoyed a blissful, relaxing week at Striker’s Point Lodge. They enjoyed a delicious shore lunch expertly prepared by guide Ryan Lacey, who we have dubbed the “Shore Lunch Master” here at Striker’s. An authentic shore lunch prepared with freshly caught walleye will be one of the highlights of a trip to Whitewater Lake, and you will talk about the scrumptious food for weeks after! Many of our shore lunch locations are also great fishing spots, allowing you to do a little fishing off the shore while you wait for your lunch. It is an experience that no fishing trip is complete without!

The Taylor group: Benny from Maryville, Tennessee and Todd from Madisonville, Kentucky,  along with Mike and Drew from Brooksville, Florida enjoyed the calm serenity of being here in the vast Canadian wilderness. They were fascinated by the endless beauty of the boreal forest that provides the backdrop for a fly-in adventure, saying “There is nothing like it in the world!” They truly enjoyed exploring Best Island’s Beckwith Cabin – where inventor and scientist Wendell Beckwith lived in the sixties. This spectacular attraction is a MUST SEE.

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North StaffHere at Whitewater Lake we offer more than just incredible fishing but a collection of memorable one-of-a-kind experiences that are sure to make your fly-in fishing adventure a trip of a lifetime.
Hope to see you soon!
From Striker’s Point Lodge on Whitewater Lake, this is Katelyn Johnson casting off.

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