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Fall Frenzy Arrives at Whitewater Lake.

Guests often ask me if these trips ever get old?
I have one word for them. NEVER!!

586Speaking from personal experience, this past week’s trip to Whitewater Lake was no exception. Especially here at Strikers Point Lodge. After 4 days on the water, Mark of New Providence NJ landed our group’s largest pike at 42 inches. She was a heavy girl who got fooled by a jig and sucker minnow combo only three minutes from the lodge.  We also had great success on mid sized walleyes of 18-22 inches on island points and deep drop offs.

Mother Nature threw some wind, rain, and a nice 28 degree night at us, but the diverse weather couldn’t slow anyone down.  That includes the outstanding staff we have in place. I don’t know if it was the fire waiting for us in our cabin on a cold afternoon or the shore lunch prepared in our cabin on a rainy day that was more impressive. Both were great little touches that make everyone feel welcome at this full service American Plan Lodge … and more importantly welcome back!

Speaking of welcome back, here’s a few updates on some of our guests. Joe Corbett spent a few mornings swimming and jogging around SPL to keep in shape for his upcoming Triathalon. The Davidson brothers, fresh off two natural disasters in the Richmond VA area, were in for the second time this year, landed a pair of pike a 42 and a 43 incher – all within a 40 minute time frame – just outside the Bay of Pigs. The LaCoose party- die hard Packer Fans – had a great time, reporting improved fishing as their week went on. Brian Shelley from Toronto and his group enjoyed some great fishing in the narrows with our guide Luke Chisholm.

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistThanks to my buddies Mark and Mitch for another great trip and another year of relaxation and good laughs. I am all ready looking forward to next year and also to chatting with any of you as you plan your trip for 2012.

Joe Pichey

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