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Walleye Prove Plentiful on the Albany!

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffWell this week has been busy, with some big groups in camp, the place has been abuzz.
It was our pleasure to welcome back our friends, the Perona group from Illinois, to Miminiska Lodge. They experienced great fishing on their first day out, which was a perfect way to start their trip. With no Master Anglers, the group’s closest trophy fish was a 25-inch walleye caught by Mark. We were so glad to have those guys here – again – and share in their joyful family times. We truly look forward to future visits from them.

The Hufford group from Michigan, West Virginia, and Ohio arrived to a very warm welcome from the Ontario walleye. They averaged over 200 fish per boat each day of their five-day trip, which is pretty amazing. They found the secret was drifting along the rocky drop-offs and using orange jig-heads. Dallas of Point Pleasant, West Virginia caught and released a 41-inch pike, taking Master Angler status – bloody well done Dallas.

The Nord group from Illinois, had a great time here, Dr. Larry enjoyed every day fishing with his son and two daughters, they spent their time hauling in walleye and enjoying shore lunches. They were also lucky enough to travel to Escargo Falls, somewhere boats haven’t been able to get by water for almost 20 years. That was the highlight of their trip, and 100’s of walleye caught and released.

The weather has been great, so hoping it will stay that way.
…by Tristan Yuswak

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