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Trophies Come Alive on Whitewater Lake

Striker's master anglers june 2011, Wilderness NorthThis week was a busy one at Striker’s Point Lodge.
We had three Master Angler Pikes caught and released and our first Master Angler Walleye of the season!
The Scovil party from Minnesota, had a fantastic week with two of the three Master Angler Pikes. John caught and released a 42-inch Pike off the first island from the lodge. He caught it on a gold Williams Whitefish. The next day, his uncle, Dave, caught and released a 45-inch beauty off the same island using a 3-oz, 5 of Diamonds. The Pike were caught mainly in 12-15 ft. of water. The boys from Minnesota had some fantastic Walleye fishing as well with great numbers. They found the Walleye in 17-20 ft off the points of the islands. Sadly for Brian, who booked the trip, he was skunked in the Master Angler category.

Our first Master Angler Walleye catch of 2011 belongs to Mike from Tennessee. The rest of the party consists of Austin, Adam, and Chad. Chad caught and released this 26-inch walleye off the southern tip of Burnt Island, using a ½ oz white jig with a white tail and a crawler. He caught it in 20 ft. of water. The next day, Adam caught and released a 40-inch Northern in the middle part of the Burnt Islands in 15-20 ft. of water. He was using a Mepps Spoon.

The Skalneck party from Michigan who arrived mid-week, noticed that the fish were suspended between 18-30 ft. of water and noted the water temperature changed from 63 to 70F in just a matter of days. By week’s end, we were facing hot sunny days, with little to no wind, again leaving the fish searching for shade and going deep.

This week brought us many honourable mentions. Nick caught and released a 38-inch Pike off Burnt Island using a jig and minnow. Dave “Lucky” also caught a 37-inch Pike using a chartreuse jig with white twister tail. “Captain” Nigel and his partner, Antonio, caught and released a 39- inch lunker off the second point to the right of the lodge. It was caught on a Mepps double cross spinner in 12 ft. of water, and snapped the line just as they were reeling in. Congrats guys, it was nice having you in camp! We also would like to commend Tom Butman who caught and released a nice 22-inch Walleye off the first island from the lodge. He was using a jointed black and silver Rapala.

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