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They Fly In – I Fly Down the Albany River!

Katelyn's Albany AdventureSummer is finally here at Miminiska Lodge! The days have been warm and sunny, with temperatures cooling off in the evening and overnight. And boy was it ever windy. One afternoon, we had blistering winds averaging 25 miles per hour, and gusts of up to 34 miles per hour!

This past week, some of the staff members at Miminiska Lodge – myself included – explored the Albany river between Miminiska Lake and Makokibatan Lake. The nine-hour trip split over two days was a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness nature’s absolute beauty and unequivocal force. Traveling with experienced guides, I was in good hands – but the sections of rough white water – the Petawanga Rapids, the Spilt Rapids, and the Frenchman Rapids – were certainly enough to get my heart racing. Traveling down the rough and wild north channel of the ‘split rapids’ brought on bouts of both intense fear and adventurous excitement. The riverbanks, for the most part, were untouched and pristine, endless greenery stretched on farther than the eye could see. The history of our country was vividly brought to life as I sat in silence and imagined the fur traders traveling down the same stretch of the Albany many, many years ago. We did not pass another band of travelers as we made our journey – we were completely alone in the wilderness.

Guest at Miminiska, Wilderness North fly insMike and Liz, who flew their own plane in from Niagra-On-The-Lake in Southern Ontario, shared with us a few memories from their trip to Miminiska Lake this past week, including fishing with Joe Boyce one of our First Nation Guides. Listen to the whole conversation here.

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