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The Bloody Brookies Are Biting!!!

WIlderness North fly in brook trout fishingThis week, the Scott group from Delaware came up to enjoy a full week of fishing at Miminiska Lodge, on the Albany River. They spent most of the week hitting the pike and the walleye, saving themselves for their last day of action, floating a part of the Keehzik River in canoes to sample those amazing brook trout.

They didn’t have to go far, their guides took them up the Keehzik River by motored canoe and they only made it to the first set of rapids to pull nine trout out of one hole. They continued up further to get another eleven trout for a total number of 20 amazing brookies. The water seemed to be too warm, but it wasn’t putting these trout off the flies being presented to them. Shelby bagged six big brookies from the one hole and was just amazed by the quality of this amazing fishery. The Keehzik River is fast proving a must for all fly-fishing enthusiasts, with First Nation guides such as the Nate brothers guiding them, anglers are almost guaranteed to hit it big with the trout. In the last month, we have seen over 80 brook trout caught and released from the Keehzik waters, truly amazing.

Tristan at Kezzhik River, Wilderness North

Mike and his son Matt, from Toronto, were also here for a week to hit up the fishing. They slammed the pike and walleye every day. Enjoying the large quantity of fish that are caught just about anywhere you throw your line in up here at Miminiska Lodge.

Well, with a few days off, I am taking my fly-rod and hitting the Keehzik River myself, I suggest you get yourselves up here and rip into it too!!! The bloody brookies are biting!!!
Hoo-roo! …Tristan Yuswak

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