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Summer Surprises at the Outposts

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistWe are starting to see some familiar names on the weekly fishing report as our annual and semi-annual friends make their trek north from the USA. The Hicks party from Ohio for example, who recently tamed Ogoki Lake AGAIN!!  Tyler tossed a Golden Spoon into the water and landed a 40-inch, 27 pound monster Northern Pike. Shortly after, Steve landed a 42-inch, 23 pound “Toothy Critter” on his Golden Spoon. Those big northerns seem to love the gold “bling-bling” on Ogoki Lake. Keep up the great work guys!

We also had the Carlson group head into Zig Zag. These Iowa anglers come up every few years and make a habit of landing big fish. After spending the off season raising 1300 pound pumpkins, Dan and his crew go after the trophy pike. His son Jacob of Cedar Rapids boated another 40.5-inch northern on a Mepps Syclops while his friend Chad of Newnan, Georgia conquered a 40-incher on a jig and twister. Ron of Clinton, Iowa decided to get involved and hooked a 26.5 inch Golden Eye on a simple jig and crawler combo.

During these late season trips we expect to see a number of trophy fish landed on the most simple of bait combinations. A nice jig head and leech combo does the trick as well as a minnow and floating rig in 12-15 feet of water. Just ask the Reed party from Michigan how to land solid daily numbers. This group ventured into Dawn Lake in search of big walleye. While they didn’t land any trophies, they did boat some nice 20-23-inch, thick walleye. A good number of fish were hanging near deep drop offs and trying to find lower temps, but would not take the bait.  It only takes a few degrees change to get these big ones in the mood. Let’s hope it happens this week. We all know they are there.

I am heading out to Makokibatan Lodge this week in search of the elusive 30-inch walleye. I will report on my findings next week.
Wish me luck!
Joe Pichey – Outdoor Specialist

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