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Summer Is Here And So Is The Heat

Northern Ontario trophy pike fishingWe are in the middle of the annual Ontario heat wave that pushes the big fish deep and in search of cold water. This happens once maybe twice a year, but it doesn’t stop our July guests from having a great time on the water. Curtis and his group from Minnesota found some nice fish on Ogoki (as they do every year). Gary landed this 41 inch beauty trophy Pike… This group always manages to locate the big’uns.

We also had the Peterson group from Wisconsin head into Zig Zag for the first time and were blown away by the numbers and average size of the fish. They have issued a challenge to anyone that can catch “Walter” (no, Henry Fonda was not along on this trip) in Crescent Lake. Three guys in this group had him on at some point in time but could not land him. Ryan claims that the “legend lives on” until they come back and get another shot at him.  “Walter” was last spotted laughing at our DeHavilland Otter and enjoying another victory cigar as the plane departed.

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North staff

Another thing to pay close attention to this time of the season is your bait selection.  While most of us agree that minnows are the top choice when going after the elusive 30 inch walleye, they are also the toughest to keep alive. We recommend going with leeches and crawlers until this heat wave is over. If you still prefer minnow type bait, Gulp Alive offers a great product that will never die.  These can be purchased at our seaplane base or at any one of our lodges.

As always, feel free to email me with any fishing questions or if you just want to chat fishing!
…Joe Pichey -outdoor specialist

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