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Striker’s Point Lodge: The Conductor

“Wow! What a great adventure…I have been going to Canada for fly-ins and drive-ins since 1974, and this was, hands down, Absolutely the best fishing trip ever!”

From the time we got to the McKenzie base and met the 1st point guys, (Regan and Travis), and then jumping onto our exciting DeHavilland Beaver flight, (Travis is an awesome pilot), to landing at smoothly at Striker’s Point Lodge, where we were greeted warmly with smiles by Darlene and Billy, (don’t forget to sit and talk with this guy…great fishing stories from many years of experience), and their great crew, we knew then that this was going to be a trip to remember.

The Camp Crew was absolutely the finest I have ever worked with…Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and we felt like we were family amongst them…and there was not one request that could not be done…all of our needs were met with “Yes I can”…They made us feel like royalty…Words cannot express the quality of their service and accommodations, (Cabin and Boats were 1st class), and food…(Wow!…is Mel a great chef, or what!)

There were 4 gents in our group, and 2 of us were celebrating our 60th birthdays. We came back from a great day of fishing on Wednesday and the crew had decorated the cabin as a surprise with 60th birthday decor. They also had a celebration cake for us at dinner and went out of there way to make it a special day…That is what I call “outside the box” consideration by people that really care about what and how they do in their profession…great touch!

The fishing was in one word, “Fantastic”. Going to shows all the time like I do, you always hear about fish jumping in the boat for you, but this was one lake where that pretty much happened 🙂

Between 4 guys we caught over 1000 walleyes, most of them in the 16″ to 20″ range, with our biggest at 25″. Many times, I felt like a conductor in an orchestra just lifting walleye after hefty walleye into the boat…

Most of our walleye action was finding moving water…like at “the narrows” on orange or orange chartreuse 1/4 to 3/8 oz jigs (Road Runners with spinners were a killer). Find them in the 17 to 20 foot holes, and dont be afraid to search up and down the narrows area…you will be rewarded…Also throw a FireTiger Cyclops Spoon in the turbulent water and you may pick up a 30+ Pike or 3…Trolling a medium, (10′ or so), diving plug like a Rapala Fat Rap, (Pearl or Walleye color), picked up some nice 30’s and 2-40’s. I also got a couple jigging larger plastic swim baits in the middle of the channel using 3/8 to 1/2 oz orange and walleye or firetiger colored 5″ jigging swimbaits…

There was also a great walleye spot just south of the narrows…around the corner west then south about 1/4 mile, to another moving water skinny down area on the right…Fish the 17 to 20 foot depths with the same colors as above…water does not move as fast through this spot so 1/4 oz is great…

There was a nice moving water inlet stream all the way in the back of McKinley Bay, (carefull, rocks and shallow in there), that produced some bigger walleyes in the AM and PM. I was using a 5 inch plug like the Smithwick Rogue, and they were hitting it off the rock bounce…Also all the trees down on the right bay when you enter McKinley Bay were good for walleyes off the edges…

Like I said find the moving water, and you find the walleyes, (and some nice pike as well).

The River was a good bet for walleyes as well…find the 3 rocks on the south shore adjacent to the 2nd creek opening on the north shore and your in like flint in all depths…We found multiple shelves coming off the northern side of these rocks, and in the AM and PM near the 3 rocks they were up on the shelf in 10 to 14′, and when not actively feeding, you could still get them off the shelves in 18 to 22′ of water on all the same colors…What a blast

I also got a 45″ northern pike on my Cyclops FireTiger spoon near the mouth of the 1st feeder creek on the north side of the river…Great fight, she ran 4 times and came in clean, measured her, got a couple of excellent pics, and gently released her back into the dark waters, where she swam away healthy and waits for me for my next years trip.

A very special thanks to everyone at the camp, Darlene, Billy, Matt, Colin, Mel, and Yvonne…All of you made this our best fishing adventure yet! I cannot wait till next year!

Dan (Old Fart), Paul, Jimmy, and Brian (Smiley :-)!

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