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Spring Has Sprung

Wilderness North staffNot quite yet…but this weekend, maybe. That’s my take on the actual arrival of Spring 2008. Highs may reach 70, but lows may still dip into the 30’s. Yes, those were snow flurries in the air around Armstrong on Tuesday night. Some rain starting today will give way to nicer, less windy days by Friday. But keep that rain suit with you for occasional showers. Leaves are starting to unroll a bit and their minty greens will turn a bit darker within 10 days or so. But hey, officially summer and the longest day of the year is still ten days away (June 21). So please a little patience here 🙂

As to the impact that Lakes Superior and Nipigon have on the weather on the Ogoki and Albany watersheds? – Somewhat is the best answer and I’ll explain that further in my podcast.

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