Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

Celebrating 30 Years of Wilderness North  â€“          

SPL’s First Annual Fishing Derby

Last Friday, the crew at Striker’s Point decided to endorse the healthy competition going on between the groups by hosting a fishing derby- possibly the first ever? The rules were quite simple; participants put $5 in a pot, and the winner with the biggest catch caught on camera took home the prize. Action on the lake was quick to heat up as everyone got involved. Steph, Jess, and JP, originally slated to be reporting “live on scene”, quickly got swept up after failing to keep up with everything going on and tried their luck at some trophy fishing of their own. There were plenty of nibbles and enough stories of “the big one that got away” to keep everyone in high spirits. After a close photo finish, the winner of the derby and the $115 pot was Bob Hendry from Team 31 Inc who showed good sportsmanship by splitting his winnings with the three guides. Bob’s 43in northern was just enough to sneak ahead of the Barren party who caught a 44in northern, but were unable to accurately get their monster within the image frame. An honourable mention goes out to Kyle Henke who thought he won the day after landing a respectable 37in northern of his own. The festivities ended with a candlelit steak barbecue on the deck complete with wine, dessert, and all the fixings.

Striker's Point fishing derby 2012

SPL Master Anglers of the week:

– Emma Yao from China caught her second fish ever, landing a 38in northern on a 10lb test line with a johnson silver minnow

-Monte Doerr from North Dakota caught a 42in northern on a rapalla diver off the back of Best Island

– Bob Hendry from Ohio landed many trophies this week:

27.5in walleye on 10lb test line with a silver hot n’ tot, 43in and a 38.5in northern on 10lb test line using a william’s whitefish in the Bay of Pigs and the second point down river,

– Billy Hendry from Chicago reeled in a 42in northern on 12lb test line from the depths of Mice Creek

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