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Six More Trophies for Striker’s Point

Tyler LancasterIt was a busy week at Striker’s Point Lodge with ten boats on the water and 19 people in camp. We had the Gdanski family from Ontario with us as well as the McNeal group from Iowa. Most of the best fishing came early in the week as strong winds hindered the ability to get places later in the week.

KimGAug2708I had the chance to guide the Gdanski’s for a day and took them to the Grayson River area. It payed off for Kim who ended up with a very hefty 42in Pike in her arms. The lure of choice was once again a 5 inch Williams Whitefish (silver). It is sure a nice thing to see the excitement in someone’s eyes when they are holding a creature of that magnitude. Congratulations Kim! I even had a chance to drop a jig with the Gdanski family and ended up netting a stocky 26in Walleye.

BillDAug2708TonyWAug2708Upon returning to the lodge it was nice to hear that the McNeal group had been busy that day as well. Bill Dieckman covered both master categories with a 41in Pike and a 26in Walleye. Tony Wulf had a fantastic day with a 25in, and a 28in Walleye. Let’s not forget Adam Maurer’s 41in, and also his 38in Pike that latched on to his stringer of Walleye. And Ken Ferris had a 26in Walleye.

We have now had very strong winds for four days straight and it has really hampered the fishing. With giant swells on the main lake, the only fishing option is in the river outflow. We all hope for some calmer days so our guests can continue to catch lots of fish and keep our Master Angler list growing.
…Tyler Lancaster

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