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Season Summary 2014

The change of season is well underway here in Northern Ontario and it feels like its going to be a dramatic swing, which is really more the norm for us. It’s a time when we make changes too. We complete the annual camp cleaning checklist, fix the docks that have weathered another fishing season and begin to plan for the future. This is the time of year we reflect on everything and naturally that also includes our fishing success. When I say “our” of course I mean our guests who made the trek up north over this past summer.

And YES, another great summer for our guests has come and gone at our lodges and outposts. There were hundreds of big catches recorded, and thousands of fish caught and released, all resulting in countless (and priceless I might add ) memories on the water. 214 trophy pike (40 in+), walleye (26 in+) and brookies (20 in +)were caught and released this season. A healthy showing despite one of the coldest summers we have seen.

The fall brought some above average temperatures as we entered into the moose hunt. We had great success with all groups seeing sign and or animals. Almost every group harvested a moose.  As we headed into the second week of the hunt, the temps drastically changed, bringing winter like conditions. Snow, sleet, and frigid temperatures plagued our boys out on the hunt. It sure didn’t stop them though! They rallied and were successful. Taking some time off from hunting, they enjoyed some fishing during the day. Their efforts brought some close calls with trophy pike and lots of walleye to ensure some great fish meals.

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