Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Zig Zag Outpost

Celebrating 30 Years of Wilderness North  â€“          

Return of the Wilderness Warriors

Leo Shumaker and good friend Ethan Frolich opted to “rough it” for an authentic wilderness fishing experience in the northern boreal forest. Foregoing some creature comforts seemed to pay off as the pair took advantage of the above average temperatures and reeled in three respectable sized northerns: a 33in, 36in, and a 40in -Ethan landed the master angler on a little rapala lure in Crescent Lake. Adding to their experience was the fluctuating water levels as Ontario Power Generation closed the dam causing water levels to drop 6ft in 36-40 hours and then rise just as rapidly a few days later. Great job battling the elements!

Wilderness North outpost pics, Sept 8 2012

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