The X continues to mark the spot as great numbers of both walleye and northern pike are being released at this remote outpost. Dawn Lake, known as a fantastic big walleye fishery isn’t letting up at all. Water temps are rising, and the walleye are sticking to their deeper haunts. Trolling secondary points with large-lipped minnow baits are producing both walleye and northern pike. 14-20′ of water seems to mark the happy place, try a classic jig and twister. Consider a topwater offering over weed beds in the morning or evening for aggressive northern pike as well.

From the guests: “Fishing was great. Caught walleye and pike on every lure and found white and yellow were the hot colors. We discovered pike really loved fly’s as they would strike at them five or six times. The biggest pike was caught on a white and yellow fly about 200 m from the cabin”.

– Bill and Laura