Last week saw storms rolling through the north, but we were fortunate that they didn’t hit hard at Makok. While we did get some rain, showers didn’t last more than a half hour at a time giving anglers plenty of time to dry off!

Air temperatures have remained in high-70s to mid-80s; while water temperatures have been sitting between 66 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The water levels have slowly been dropping, with a 5ft decrease since May 18. Currently the entrance to “the cut” has only 1- 1.5 ft of water! Always make sure to engage your engine tilt tabs before you head out!

If you’re on the prowl for walleye, we’ve been having success trolling the shorelines and casting the river outlet on the east side of the lake.

Great news for those on the hunt for water wolves! We are seeing an increase of numbers being reeled in, with the largest being a Master Angler at 41.5”. Popular lures are continue to be jigs with either a single or double twister tail. Rapalas are starting to become a hit with the bigger pike in deeper water.

-Nick, Dockhand