Water temps are climbing at Miminiska Lodge this week with some beautifully warm days. Luckily, the nights are remaining relatively cool and reversing the warming trend during the day. The lake is sitting at 68 degrees F. Look for pike in deeper water as the temps get closer to 70F. The Narrows have been fantastic for walleye and pike. Conventional anglers using 3/8 jigs with twister tails are doing well for walleye along with the tried and true Red Devil spoons that are loved by the northerns. Bring along some Zara Spooks as well for evening and morning topwater action!

In addition, the Freestone didn’t disappoint this past week for anglers targeting brook trout on fly. Brookies aren’t shy about taking dry flies now and will smash Moorish mice, hoppers and ants! Angler Brian Porter while on assignment for The Drake Magazine didn’t know the sheer size of the brook trout photographed below (caught and released on the freestone river) until she was in the net. This giant specimen tapped out at 23.5 inches and ate a yellow articulated zoo cougar.

– Kate and Brian

The Kates Group and I had blast up at Miminiska Lodge this past week. Fishing hot spots were the walleye mine, paradise creek and the channel by shore lunch island. Pink or white jigheads with white twister tails were the on-fire lure. Fish were found in cool deep water and in moving water. Highlights of the week included Peter’s trophy catch of a 27inch walleye and an incredible view of a bull moose.

-Guide, Alex