A father-daughter duo in this past week caught a good number of northern pike. They were also catching walleye like crazy using salted minnows, catching most of their walleye in the fast-moving water. The Ogoki rapids proved well for this! 200-300 walleye! A very happy father and daughter went away writing that the cabin and campsite at Whitewater Lodge were in perfect shape. Thank you to Scott for that remark.

The Reilly party had a great week fishing catching lots of walleye in the 15″-19″ range. 1 northern at 40″ and a 35” as well. The 40″ fish was caught west of Grace Island and the 35″ south of Porter Island. The Happy group kept only 5 walleye for shore Lunch and everything else was released.

A Wilderness North canoe trip also ended their trip at Whitewater Lodge and raved about the immense number of walleye at the outflow of the Ogoki rapids, just next to the camp. Walleye on the end of just about every cast!