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2019: Report 05

We once again thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Wilderness North.  Mojikit and Ogoki never disappoint! The walleyes were biting…even on bacon!  We caught and released more big northern than we did any other trip.   Mojman Bob was an unbelievable host!  He is the best!!   Don K. caught a 41 inch northern and Nate W. caught a 37 inch northern. Both were released back to be caught again!


Finally here is our group pic with our man Mojman Bob!

2019: Report 03

Mojikit and Bob, never fail to impress!!

-Perfect in every aspect!!!

-Awesome. 4 generations in camp. All was perfect.

-My 24-year old son (Nate) and I have been taking fishing trips in Ontario for the last 15 years. For the last four years Wilderness North has served us well. After our 2018 fishing trip at Mojikit, my son produced a 4 1/2 minute YouTube video “Experience Wilderness North” which really encapsulated the essence of a trip into the bush of northern Ontario with Wilderness North each summer ( The service of our Wilderness North trip begins with trip planning communications with your team during the winter, then extends to the always on time flight schedule, the skilled and personable WN pilots, and our superb Mojikit Camp Manager – Bob. Fishing is always excellent, but our trips also offer an opportunity to find solitude, view wildlife (moose, bears, wolves, woodland Caribou), and experience spectacular sunsets. The cabins provide all the comforts of home with propane refrigerators and stoves/ovens, like new barbecues, hot showers and flush toilets. Our week with Wilderness North is a week that we look forward to each year.

-Everything was great. Been fishing with Wilderness North for 1O+ years.

-Absolutely fantastic, caught fish all day everyday, too many to count in six days, accommodations were very comfortable, caretaker at Mojikit (Bob) was always there to help, and a great host, it is my second trip and I will return


2019: Report 02


The Week of May 25th

Mojikit Channel Lodge is located on Mojikit Lake which opens into the Ogoki Reservoir. Every year we have guests make the pilgrimage to experience the beautiful lake and all of it’s exploits. Tim and Nate D., a father and son team came back for another week at Moj. They had a fantastic time, catching good amounts of all species and catching trophies too. Nate hiked up to the dam and hit a grand slam, catching walleye, pike, whitefish and a famously native and wild 20” brook trout. Nine fishermen from New York state were here for only a week and managed to catch over 2000 walleye! That is not a typo! These were mostly caught in 7-10 feet in murky water. Plus, Michael B. netted and released three trophy pike; a 45, a 40.5, and a 40 incher from the channel right by the camp. The weather was cool, cloudy and the chop was “just perfect.” Mojikit continues to be a fan favourite and Bob, our lodge manager is the conductor behind it all.

2018: Week 13

Bob is back from Mojikit Channel with success to report! Both groups in had a blast enjoying the warm weather and peace and quiet of a remote northern lake. Walleye were stacked in holes, once you found them they would bite like crazy! Fish finders were the ticket as the water is getting lower. Finders were helpful to locate the concentrated fish, while also beneficial when maneuvering around obstacles. Both groups had the most success with leeches! The trick to consistent walleye were switching up colors to keep them interested.

Another highlight for the Eggert group was a caribou sighting on a small island on Mojikit Lake.

All in all a great trip for these groups!


2018: Week 08

The last group for a little while left this week, (don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere) and had a wonderful time chasing northern pike. Countless fish were released by the group including a master angler northern in excess of 40”. There will be more reports from Moj once the next group comes in… In the meantime, if I catch anything notable, I’ll be sure to let you know!
– MojMan Bob

2018: Week 07

The water has been slowly warming here in the channel and the fishing is still on fire. Guests have been specifically targeting walleye; however, there have been some noteworthy accidental pike caught and released! Anglers will have to adjust their techniques and fish locations as the water temperatures are creeping higher. Slow things down and hit the deeper holes. Big fish are a bit slower than last week; however, this is directly due to anglers having to adjust their patterns. Numbers of big fish are now rebounding back to spring-early summer numbers. Guests have told me how impressed they are with sheer numbers and size of fish being released a Mojikit!


2018: Week 06

Moj is still a tried and true walleye factory with groups catching heaps of fish in the 20-21” range. Average sizes are very strong here at Moj! Pike fishing has changed this week with warmer temps driving the fish deeper. They started back up again toward the end of the week with the cooler weather and should be fantastic this coming week. Big fish for this week went 35”! Still nothing to scoff at!
– Bob

2018: Week 05

MojMan Bob is reporting good things from Moj this past week. Groups in were looking to target walleye, but were happy to unexpectedly reel in some monster pike in the process! Boats were returning reporting 100-fish days, caught and released on jigs. Anglers have also found success casting suspending jerkbaits. In the land of big northern pike, a few pushing 40 inches were released this week as a happy surprise while fishing for walleye. Water is warming and the pike are feeding heavily before they head to their cooler deep-water lairs. Remember, as the fronts come and go in the north, adjust your presentation tactics. Slow things down in negative conditions and don’t be afraid to target “hot” fish in positive or stable weather by power-fishing. (fish fast and use bigger presentations)
– Bob

We also received a summary of the Dodge groups fishing success and some incredible photos:

2018: Week 04

Mojikit continues its strength with sheer numbers of fish for this 3rd week of the 2018 fishing season. The entire lake is producing hungry fish taking a variety of presentations. Kim C. released a 25 ¼ inch walleye. Congrats Kim! Northern pike have started to slow down a bit with the temperatures warming up. Remember as the surface temps warm, the pike will search for cooler water and will generally go deeper; however, don’t discount poking around moving water that may be a cooler temperature than the surrounding lake water. There were many fish released in the mid 30” range with Nate releasing a 40+ inch pike! A highlight from their father/son trip was a beautiful 19” brook trout caught and released near the Waboose dam on Sunday! A slight clarification on last week’s report, the first group into Mojikit caught the 2-40 inch pike–we are eagerly awaiting the pictures and will post soon!

2018: Week 03

Guests arrived this past Sunday to Moj, and at this moment, there isn’t an established pattern for either walleye or northern pike as Monday was the first day of fishing at Mojikit… Well… except for Mojikit Manager (henceforth known as MojMan Bob) who just happened to release two Master Angler pike yesterday while scouting for this week’s guests!!
– Bob


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