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Project Healing Waters Special Mim Report :

Project Healing Waters – July 8 -12, 2011
Since 2008, Project Healing Water’s Healing On The Albany event has been a very proud tradition at Miminiska Lodge, and we were honoured to host the event again this year. Miminiska Lodge is a perfect place to heal. The evening of the soldier’s arrival had the most spectacular sunset and no bugs! These guys all enjoyed fly-fishing for the same Walleye and Pike that are so often caught on jigs and were successful in every way. Lures and flies like clouser minnows, poppers, and woolly buggers were the lures of choice for the fat Mim Walleye and big Mim Pike and- best of all – on barbless hooks!

Days on the water and evenings spent learning the art of fly-tying was the daily routine. On the last evening, after a wonderful dinner, Mark Snyder co-ordinator of PHW led the awards ceremony … with a Master Angler pin going to Andrew for landing a 26-1/2-inch Walleye on a red and white clouser minnow. A jacket and hat was awarded to Curtis for the largest fish (36-inch Pike) and a special award to Vincent for helping out at the lodge one day while the others went out fishing. Mim Lodge was especially honoured to receive the US flag with full salute from John … a very high-quality wind-proof 3ft x 5ft token of the US soldiers’ appreciation. Photos were taken that evening followed by a bonfire on sandy point. It was a very spiritual and uplifting experience to host PHW at Miminiska Lodge and we look forward to their return next year.

PHW 2011, Wilderness North






Mike and Liz Melnychuk have been regular visitors to Miminiska Lodge over the years and fly their own small float plane in from Parry Sound, Ontario, after a stopover in Nakina. They made daily shore lunch trips with our guide, Thomas Nate, to favourite spots such as the Walleye Mine, Snake Falls, and just above Mim Falls, having great success using simple white and yellow jigs for Walleye and Pike. Mike and Liz had an enjoyable trip and we look forward to seeing them again in August.

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