Parties, Camaraderie, and Record Setting Catches at Miminiska Lodge - Wilderness North

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Parties, Camaraderie, and Record Setting Catches at Miminiska Lodge

Sarrick Group, Wilderness North 2012The Sarick group arrived at Miminiska last week for their annual father, son, and cousin fishing trip. Traveling from Toronto, Aspen Colorado, and North Carolina, the guys come together each summer to share their love of fishing. Fishing was at its best this trip as they enjoyed plentiful catches and tasty shore lunches prepared by our First Nation guides at the lodge. Special Walleye awards were presented to the boys to keep up their enthusiasm until next year… but I’m sure they’ll be back!

The newly crowned Triple Master Angler Group arrived in two Wilderness North Otters after traveling from many points: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Buffalo, Michigan and St. Catherine’s Ontario. The four ladies and eleven men were strangers when they arrived, but new friends as they departed. Gordon landed a 44in pike at Petawanga, and Jack was close behind with his 40incher brought in at the same location. Not to be left out of the master angler race, on his last day, Fred reeled in a 42in northern at Watam Bay. Master anglers of a different sort, the Wozsyski group may have set an all-time record with their total catch coming just shy of 1000 fish by the end of their stay. Back at the lodge, Jerry celebrated his 77th birthday and was treated to a cake parade from the staff complete with an off tune rendition of Happy Birthday sung by the entire group. Plenty of fish, new friends, and a wonderful time were had by all.



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