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Outpost Recap

This past week we saw some great action at our outpost camps. In particular Zig Zag, Ogoki, and Dawn:
At Zig Zag, fishing was fantastic! Terry and his family had a great visit this past week. The walleye fishing in particular was hot! Best day being 160 walleye. The largest was 27 inches and many more at 23-24 inches.  A number of pike were caught while fishing for walleyes and 4 of these fish were over 39 inches… a lot of fun on 8lbs line and a jig! Jigs tipped with minnows or crawlers with a slow presentation worked best. Second to that, plastic bodies, and gulp products worked well too. Best jig colours for Zig Zag were pink, orange with white ,pearl, and pumpkin seed tails.

At Ogoki Lake, the anglers were after walleye. And boy were they plentiful! Days were full of 100+ fish between the 18-24 inch range. Any jig color worked in anywhere from 8- to 20 ft of water.  Best lure colour combinations were: blue & silver Shad Raps and Smithwick Rattlin Rouges along with Husky Jerk Gold. Bill and the boys had a blast at Ogoki!

Dawn Lake was phenomenal as well. Known for its great walleye and pike fishery, Mickey and the boys took it to a whole new level. With 100 pike over the 30 inch range and at least 20 in the 38-42 inch range , I’d say these fellows knew what they were doing.

We are eagerly awaiting the groups to get settled back at home and send us the pictures. In case you didn’t know, we are pleased to offer wi-fi for communications at our lodges and outpost camps. This makes for great opportunities to send us your master angler fish pictures while you are still riding the high. Once we receive the pictures we can use them in our fishing reports and post them on our Facebook page.

Until next week,
Krista & Alan

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