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Officially Autumn -2008

Wilderness North WeathermanYes, the mornings are cool, foggy, and occasionally frosty. Although officially we have NOT had frost here in Thunder Bay. However, up at the base camp in Armstrong we are seeing real frost – sometimes departing flights will be delayed to allow time to get the frost off the wings and the fog off the lakes. However, this is pretty much normal for this time of year. As to ‘”actual winter,” very cold temperatures and snow that sticks, is still seven or eight weeks away. Maybe five or six weeks up at the Albany River. All the weather computers are predicting a less than harsh winter: warmer than normal temps, and less precipitation than normal.

This week’s forecast:  Clearing skies, warmer temps with daytime highs in the mid seventies. So really nice weather.  Officially, autumn will arrive- September 21 – and the days and nights will feel like autumn.

In my podcast I talk a bit about our seasonal cycles, the forecast for Winter 2008-09, and a hint for preserving plants from early frosts so the grapes can grow a week or two longer, and the mums can stay bright as well. Listen in here.

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