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November Weather

There are hints of snow on the ground at many locations in the Northwest region. Snow cover, especially at this time of the year depends on elevation and proximity to large lakes. Thunder Bay has no snow as I write this, yet there is cross-country skiing possible northwest of the City. (Don’t use your favourite skis though.)

Another feature of November is that the temperature is often near 0°C (32°F). This is likely to be a problem for weather forecasters and probably for people driving or flying throughout the region. This mix of rain, which would reduce snow cover, and wet snow which would add a little, is likely to vary from place to place. Occasional freezing rain is also a distinct possibility.

The first two weeks of November have been warmer than average but the next week or two is likely to feature another typical feature of November – major swings in temperature. Expect mild temperatures this weekend but cooler temperatures are in store for early to mid-week followed by a recovery to milder conditions next weekend.

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