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My Whitewater Lake Report

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutWith the exception of a few recent sub freezing night temperatures over the weekend, we have seen gorgeeous weather this spring at Striker’s Point Lodge. To top off the fine conditions, the fish have been surprisingly aggressive, and more so each day as the water temperatures approach that sacred 50 degree (f) mark.

The Kalgren party- from Minnesota, finished off their week with very solid numbers. They were averaging 60-70 fish per boat, per day. Most of their walleye came in moving water with depths between 18-35 feet.  The largest walleye measured in at 23.5 ” with many close behind. John caught and released a very healthy and spunky 40″ northern while taking a break from the walleye in the narrows. He thus becomes our first official Master Angler at Striker’s Point.

Dr. Dave and his sons, John and Jack, made their first trip to Striker’s Point Lodge for a quick 3 night getaway. The walleye were also kind to the Cramers, however pike fishing was slow for their first 2 days. The third day saw them land 35″ and 36″ northerns along with several more walleye. They also had a very close encounter with a mother moose and her tiny calf, which just added to their wilderness retreat. WHEW those mums can get grouchy.

On Monday night the Davidson Party from Virginia, arrived, good anglers all, for a ten day trip I will be guiding, so I anticipate some great fishing!
…Tyler Lancaster

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