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More Trophys at Whitewater Lake

The Landheer group of 10 from Michigan joined us on Saturday July 18th at Striker’s Point Lodge and brought the nice weather with them. So we are finally blessed with blue skies, warm rays, and gentle breezes. The Landheers got off to an impressively quick start on their first evening out. Dave Landheer tied into a 44 inch northern while pitching a classic red and white Dardevil down river towards the rapids. Young Ben Landheer ventured into the “Llama” on day two with his grandfather and skillfully caught and released a chunky 42 inch slobby girl. The “Llama” is found off the north shore of the narrows between Striker’s and Whitewater and has been kind to the Landheer group in the past. The youngest member of the group, Nathan, caught his largest fish to date there on last year’s trip, a hefty 41 inch.

Makok Guests 2009Wilderness North fly in fishingAlso joining us last week was Alan and his fiance Kathleen from Indiana. I had the pleasure of fishing with these wonderful people and also landing Alan’s 40 inch trophy (photo in header).  We were trolling Williams Whitefish spoons down river in about 11 feet of water when Alan’s copper spoon was smashed. Kathleen was a pleasure to fish with, just watching the complete excitement on her face for every fish she caught, made my day. Alan was able to deliver a second large pike, a 38 inch also down river. We wish Alan and Kathleen absolute happiness as they tie the knot this coming September.  Congratulations guys!!
Father and son Doug and Eric Busch joined us for a seven night stay and had a great time exploring this “new to them” lake and catching walleye and pike while doing so. Eric planned this trip for his father Doug’s birthday. They did manage to perform a rare feat while jigging for walleye in the late afternoon on their last day. First Doug’s rod doubled over and not a second later, Eric’s did as well.  I was watching both rods to see which one looked heavier, trying to make the decision on which one to concentrate on landing first. Both rods seemed to be in unison and as I saw the shape of a pike emerge from the depths, I noticed Doug’s jig hooked snugly in one corner of Mr. Northern’s mouth and Eric’s in the other.  This pike had little chance of shaking that double hook set.

Tyler with Albany Brook TroutI will get back to you next week with the outcome of the Landheer’s trip.
Tight Lines,
Tyler Lancaster

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