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Miminiska Scores Trophies …

Paul and friend Ross from Scarborough, Ontario, enjoyed long sunny days on the water, shore lunches, and easily 100 fish per day. Most of the Walleye and Pike were caught on simple jigs – 3 inch black jig heads with chartreuse single tails. Occasionally spinner baits were successful especially #5 Mepps with silver spinner and brown bucktail which landed a 38-inch 13 pound Northern for Ross up at Ferguson Bay out of Miminiska Lodge.

Larry and son Jack visited from Chicago, Illinois. Jack landed a beautiful 18-inch Brookie, about 4-5-ft. deep with his fly-rod using an olive and white double bunny. Not to be outdone, Larry got his Master Angler pin for a 26-1/2-inch whopper Walleye on the last evening out! These guys truly enjoyed their stay.

Mike of Montgomery, Texas has been coming to Mim for years and says this is the best and most productive Walleye fishery he has experienced in a lifetime of fishing lodges. Mike and Gene became Master Anglers with 40-inch and 42-inch  Northern Pike on yellow jigs. Mike says “There isn’t a non-productive spot on this entire lake.” In their words, “To me the scenery is the real Canadian Shield with lots of elevation changes.” Mike was also able to pull his second master angler here by landing a 26-1/2-inch Walleye.

Ken, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, son John and grandson Ben brought three generations to Mim Lodge. If you think that a fishin’ hole called the “walleye mine” is a rich vein motherlode of big fat walleyes, you wouldn’t be wrong. Ben was in charge of counting the fish caught and said, “We caught over 100 fish in the morning with the largest at 23-inches.” Triple headers were common.

John and Meg of Cincinnati, Ohio were first time guests at Miminiska Lodge. It is always a thrill when that little Pike you are reeling in gets attacked by a big sister. Meg was able to land both of them. John’s most productive lure for Walleyes was a Mepps Black Fury with a brown bucktail.

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