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Midsummer Heat

It’s midsummer and if you like this part of the year, especially the heat, the best is yet to come. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the June 21st summer solstice, the day that the sun is at its highest point above the horizon. While this might be a great day to get a sunburn, the warmest part of the year typically begins a month later. Late July is the warmest part of the year and this warm weather can morph into the “dog days” of August. (More about this expression next week.)

The rest of the week is likely to feature seasonal temperatures for Armstrong and points north for the next day or two. During next weekend daytime temperatures will be centered around 82° F (28° C). Overnight temperatures will range from 50 to 65° F as the week progresses (10 to 17 degrees° C).

Late afternoon showers and occasional thunderstorms are common at this time of the year. Sunny conditions and daytime heating result in pop-up cumulus cloud development. Showers and widely scattered thunderstorms look likely for the rest of the week, with the sun returning later on in the weekend. At this time, the following week of July 15 to 21 looks like a continuation of mainly sunny conditions most days.

Enjoy the sunshine,

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