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Makok Opener

It’s been a fun and busy week here at Makokibatan!  Our first groups arrived raring to get out on the lake and get fishing! Not only was it our first day with guests, but it was also Mike G ’s first day of retirement! Not sure about you, but we think going fishing is a perfect way to kick off your retirement! Congrats, Mike!

The weather has been pretty good this past week, with some clouds in the morning and then clearing up in the afternoon, helping with all the big catches! A few of the biggest catches we have to report this week include one 22 inch brook trout, six 26” walleye, two 27 inchers, two 28’s, and the biggest catch was a 29 ½” walleye by Derek F! All caught and released! Great job gents! We look forward to getting trophy pics from these guests and will be sure to post them on Facebook or our next newsletter -stay tuned.

One guest this week had a nice long fight with a rare “stone fish” in the lake. Cursed by anglers, these specimens are usually found near the bottom of the lake (rock bottom one might say), close to the shore and they are so strong your line will hardly move an inch if you get the chance to fight one.

The groups here have been all over the lake catching lots of fish. There have been many successful trips up to walleye alley and then down to the cut – the usual hot spots. We’ve also had some great shore lunches at Spring (shore lunch) Island, a highlight of everyone’s trip no doubt. Rob is a great fireside cook!

After fishing all day, our die-hard hockey fans were ready to watch Game 7 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the LA Kings and all congregated in the lodge to watch!

Everyone’s so fun to be around and they are all happy to be able to fish all day. It’s been a great start off to the summer and we are looking forward to many more good stories 🙂
-Karen & the Makok Staff

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