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Lunker Time at Whitewater!

Tyler -spring fishing on Caribou LakeThe second week of June started off with lousy weather but an abundance of fish. The lads from Scotland, Mel, Craig, Peter, and John found a hotspot a short distance away from their cabin at Striker’s Point, right off the dock. With two nights of cold, windy weather, they stationed themselves on the pier and offered the Walleye live presentations of sucker minnows under floats. To everyone’s disbelief, they slaughtered the fish. Their second night they landed 60 or more Walleye.

trophy pike fishing at Striker's Point LodgeThis week also saw the arrival of the Starmach gang from the Chicago area. Kurt ventured into the Bay of Pigs on his second morning and found himself in an intense battle with a huge Pike. The fish measured in at 44 inches, and was quite a “heffer” as well. He was tossing a Johnson Silver Minnow equipped with a white grub, right at the mouth of the bay in about two feet of water. Not two days later and Dan also boasted a trophy from the same location. His monster measured in at 41 inches, and struck on a Mepps Timber Doodle. The big Pike keep coming, and the Walleye action is fast and furious.

John and Scott, both from the Ohio area made their first trip to northern Ontario and had a great time catching numerous Walleye and enjoyed it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also to be noted is Brady Andersen’s 20 inch Whitefish, which was the first of it’s kind seen here on Whitewater Lake.
…Tyler Lancaster

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