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It Just Keeps Getting Better

Gord Ellis & Family, Wilderness North

Does all this effort and hard work pay off? Well, the following is the story of a lake that keeps getting better and better and better… according to a CBC Outdoor Broadcaster, and Outdoor Canada Journalist Gord Ellis. The lake is Whitewater Lake. We have two destination choices on the 26 mile expanse of water. On the west end is a camp with a few cabins, a full time manger, full time electric power and 16 foot boats with 15hp-4 stroke motors. At Whitewater Lodge, just two hundred yards from the camp, the Ogoki River flows in strong and steady to form the big lake. On the east end is our full service lodge and cabin destination, Strikers Point Lodge. Full time power, indoor plumbing, 17 foot boats with electric start 25hp 4-stroke motors, all meals and daily housekeeping.. Just four miles east of this camp the lake empties back into the channel of the Ogoki River.Last fall Ontario’s largest registered Northern pike was caught and released from this end of the lake.

Last week, Gord Ellis, his wife Cheryl, and their two sons vacationed at Strikers Point. They met our veteran guests “The Wenzel Brothers” and they hit it off just fine. The Wisconsin twins shared their success stories with Gord, and he listened and learned. He says, listening and learning is the heart of his profession. Later in the week, we spent a day with the Ellis family. Hot. Humid. Hazy. At midday we found them in 12 feet of water catching about 20 walleyes every 30 minutes. Gord commented, “I was on this lake about 12 years ago, fishing in perfect early spring conditions. But today, in July, when a lot of folks think the fish have gone on vacation, I am catching more Walleye then I did years ago.” Lesson learned? We learn from each other. Fish don’t have calendars. Gord says Whitewater lake proves that conservation fishing pays off. We recognize this great lake for it’s outstanding fish producing qualities, and other than a few “wally’s” for lunch, we put ‘em all back. Gord’s full article on his Whitewater trip is available here.

Conservation Tip: Your Conservation License allows you to have in your possession at any time: 2-Walleyes, only one can be 18.1 inches or longer and 2-Pike, 27 inches or shorter.

Good fishing,

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