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Intense Fishing Produces Master Angler

The water here is warming up and so is the fishing. This past week at Strikers Point Lodge featured some very intense fishing and some equally as intense anglers. On behalf of the staff at Striker’s Point I would like to congratulate Rob Jr. on his gorgeous 40.5 inch Northern Pike, and becoming the fourth master angler of the year. He caught this trophy on a daredevil spinner in about 3 feet of water close to shore, just north of Ogoki lodge. Congratulations Rob!

All the parties did exceptionally well, catching abundant amounts of walleye and some beautiful Northern Pike. The ones who really stood out were: Bob & Tom, Par’s party, Bob’s party, and Dave’s party. On windy days you could find them fishing around the small islands south of the lodge catching walleye after walleye. They were using various coloured jigs with leeches or night crawlers and were fishing in 8 feet to 14 feet of water. On nicer days, groups could be found just north of the lodge fishing off of the first island on the left where a perfect little shelf is marked by a white buoy. The drop from 8ft to 14ft of water is a great walleye hangout. The Bay of Pigs and down river to the rapids also produced some great fishing. Fish here were biting on various lures like rapalas, spinner baits, thunder sticks, floating rattlers, and daredevils.

Bob C. and his group, along with several others, ventured towards the narrows and the Ogoki lodge area, where some great pike fishing occurred. The average size was around 22 inches until Rob brought in his beautiful 40 inch Master Angler. The pike were going after red eyes, small hammered cleos, and daredevils in very shallow water, about 2 to 4 feet. Nice job guys.

With yet another Master Angler this week, that should get all of you aspiring anglers chomping at the bit… or should I say hook.

Have a great week everyone.

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