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How Do You Like The Weather Now?

Summer sort of jumped on the scene the past few days, and that really takes the heat off of me. So to speak 🙂 Yesterday it was 81*f  in Armstrong.

So, why the delay in Spring? Recent weeks of cool weather were related to a persistent low over or near Hudson Bay which was part of a pattern around the Northern Hemisphere. It resulted in unusually warm weather in Europe, British Columbia, and other areas, while some areas including the prairies and central Canada, have been much cooler than average.

It appears that this pattern has now changed. The cool weather with only a few “normal” temperatures has been replaced with average conditions, with occasional very warm and some cool spikes likely. This summer weather pattern is likely to continue at least into early July. WHEW!

Wilderness North staffThe short term forecast includes sunny and seasonable temps (H75 and L55) through Friday morning. Some isolated showers beginning that afternoon, and light rain on Saturday, with highs mostly in the mid 60’s. Light rain again Sunday, some showers on Monday, and sunny again on Tuesday with highs around 73. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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