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Hot Fishing at Miminiska

Our 7th annual Project Healing Water group ignited as hot as the sun blazing off the Miminiska Lake on a beautiful summer’s day. Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through the rhythmic soothing of fly fishing. This year we had a blend of young and older participants coming from both Canada and the US, including a grandfather and granddaughter team, from California (pictured above). Also among the group was Code, a 92 year old retired veteran, with a keen mind and warm heart, who fought on the battlefields during World War II., Code shared some of his experiences and vivid memories –I hope I am in his condition when I turn 92!

Our guide team of Kash, Brian, Harold, and Tommy led our groups to both walleye (for eating) and those hard fighting northern pike for some excitement on a fly rod. For the inexperienced, fly angling presents a unique challenge of not only catching fish but also learning the art of fly tying. Hours were spent every night tying flies for the next day. John, Ron, Dale, and Marc all of whom had been here before used their knowledge of fly fishing to assist the rest of the group, most of which were beginner fly anglers.

Once we arrived at Twin Falls, every boat was soon hammering fish in 8 to 15 feet of water on a wide variety of fly patterns. The most effective fly was the ‘Punk Rocker’, which John perfected during last year’s trip. Many walleye between 16-20 inches were caught along with countless northerns. Mike E. caught the biggest pike landing a 35 inch monster at the Honey Hole – a popular evening spot. It’s weedy area with depths ranging from 4 to 7 feet produced lots of pike and walleye. It was a true honour to have these brave and courageous soldiers stay with us. They shared an experience they told us they will never forget and I’m sure we sure won’t either.

There were several other groups with us who had a heck of a time catching loads of walleye. Led to the action by our all-star guide team, Ron and his guests and had no trouble getting on top of prime fishing grounds. Wottam Bay and the small islands around Mim Island yielded some healthy numbers caught in areas of 10 to 16 feet of water with a jig and white twister tail being the bait of choice. Walleye Mine was also a bountiful location as it shares a similar depth and presentation, with walleye measuring in at 15-22 inches. On a trip up to Snake falls on the Albany River, our group pulled in a beautiful 21 inch brook trout, caught by Phil.

The other group, (more on them next week) ventured out with Kash around the lake and found their best fishing to be around Mim and Church Island as well as the surrounding smaller islands. Once again the fish were being caught in 10-16 feet of water and it seems you can’t go wrong with any coloured jig and a white twister tail. In the evening they headed to the Honey Hole for some fast paced walleye action that was best right at the narrows, between the two bays. This prime location is less than 5 min from the lodge, still visible in the fading light, which makes it an ideal evening fishing spot.

The red hot fishing has been leaving our guests thoroughly impressed and I’m sure we’ll be awarding a master angler in no time. Stay tuned for more results.

Rob Staszak

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