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Hot Days & Hot Pike Fishing on Whitewater Lake

Master Anglers at Strikers, July 2010This past week at Striker’s Point Lodge we played host to the Rowell group from Tennessee. Dad Mike, son Austin, and friend Adam battled it out to see who could bring in the biggest fish. In the end it was Austin who became group champion with a 44.5-inch northern caught down river by the rock wall. The fish emerged from the depths several times and even did the famous “tail walk”  on the water at one point before Austin was able to reel her in – take her photo – and send her back home. Previous to this, Austin also caught a 35-inch and a 36-inch, also at the rock wall. Adam came in second place with a pike measuring just over 40 inches. Mike was just shy of Master Angler status with a beautiful 39-inch pike. Austin also won the competition for the largest walleye at 23 inches.

The Nazaruk group from Illinois came to Whitewater Lake with an interesting goal: to catch the smallest fish. Mishail succeeded, catching a tiny walleye that measured about 8 inches in length. He also learned an important lesson: always bring your rain gear with you in the boat… hey, Mishail,  your friends – Igor and Sasha warned you that bad weather was coming. As the day went on, Mishail got progressively wetter and wetter. When he suggested that they return to the lodge, Igor instead decided that the group should go explore Ogoki Lodge. By mid-afternoon, the group returned to the lodge and Mishail was soaked “to the bone”, uncomfortable and disgruntled.

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North StaffHere on Whitewater Lake, the weather can change so frequently and rapidly throughout the day that it is important to be well prepared… Sun screen and rain suits – yup, both in the same day.

-Katelyn Johnson casting off

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