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Here Doggie Doggie

Graham Saunders WN weathermanThe Dog Days are a comin’ – I think. Temperatures were generally seasonal during the last seven days. Brief showers followed by sun were common on some days. A vigorous cold front Monday resulted in intense thunderstorm activity and moderate rain amounts in some locations.

Northern Ontario WeatherTuesday was cool when compared to recent days and days to come. Sunny breaks will be brief; occasional showers and a thunderstorm are likely. Today ushers in a return to seasonal temperatures and mainly sunny skies for two to three days. Afternoon temperatures will reach the high 70s (25 to 27 C) most days in the coming week. A mix of sun and cloud and brief showers looks likely through the weekend.

What a difference a year makes! Last July was cool, and swimming, if done at all, was a brief affair. Winter ice melted very early during the warmest spring on record in Ontario. In the spring season, surface water warms to 39 F (4 C). Then, because it is most dense at this temperature, sinks and is replaced by cooler water from below. This mixing or “turnover” takes place until all the water reaches this threshold. At this point water begins to “stratify,” where warmer water forms a layer over the colder waters below. Shallow water in bays and inlets warm first and deeper waters begin later. Water temperatures in most lakes are now comfortably into the mid 70s (24 C) and invite people for a refreshing plunge.
…Graham Saunders

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