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Great Fishing & Good Company at Miminiska

Miminiska Lodge on the Albany River offers anglers a high end wilderness experience with many unique opportunities. This past week, return guests Stan, Chuck, and Elizabeth were excited to enjoy many of Miminiska’s highlights. At the top of the list was Snake Falls on the Albany River. Its swift current and cascading water is a beautiful sight and also boasts great fishing for pike,walleye and even brook trout. Next on the list was the Walleye Mine, a definite hot spot where Stan and his party caught virtually hundreds of walleye. Sinking lines and bottom bouncing proved to be very successful in attracting both walleye and the seldom caught red horse sucker (more info below). Snagging bottom feeders like the red sucker is a sure sign that fall is on it’s way. Last but not least the trio took advantage of the last few long summer nights to enjoy the company and musical talents of First Nation Guide Kash Baxter – a rare treat and perfect way to end off a long day out on the water.

More info on the Red Horse Sucker

The Shorthead Red horse Sucker (Moxostoma Macrolepidotum) or more commonly known as the “northern red horse” or “red sucker” is one of only 2 red horse sucker species that occur this far north. They typically grow to a maximum length of 20 inches and average 1 – 2 lbs. Like all suckers they are bottom feeders surviving mainly on insects and aquatic invertebrates. Red horse suckers can be found in the shallows of  clear water lakes or in weedless rivers with sand and gravel bottoms. They are highly susceptible to pollution or continuously turbid waters. Guests have caught these fish at Zig Zag as well!

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