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Good Bye Rough Weather – Here comes the heat

Graham SaundersThe big storm – biggest rainfall in a single day in over four decades – is gone. Thank goodness. In the day following the heavy showers, Lake Superior at Thunder Bay registered a 3 inch elevation in 24 hours… the most ever in the weather record books.

Its a nice day today. Tomorrow will continue sunny and very warm, and breezy -winds from the west. High – 28C. -88F.  The following  three days will likely be carbon copies. First risk of rain is for isolated showers Sunday, and winds switching to the south creating 80% chance of rain for July 3rd.

As the summer weather patterns take hold of the area, it is always wise to keep those rain suits in the boat – even on the sunniest day – since pop up showers are always a risk this time of year.

Happy Canada Day – Happy July Fourth

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