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G’Day G’Day From Miminiska Mates

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffWell, this week at Miminiska Lodge has been a real beauty, plenty of great fishing and old fashioned good times had by all. The weather has been a bit hay-wire, (see Graham’s report) but some nice fish have been taking the opportunity to get themselves dolled up for the camera.

Mike Rowell led his group to all the best spots on the lake only to have his son Austin catch the biggest fish of the trip, a 40 inch Master Angler northern that was so fat they could barely hold it with their hands. Austin brought that baby up on his ultra-light walleye rod with 6 pound line on it, which “earnt” him a “bloody ripper, mate” from me. Austin then repeated the performance with a 24 inch walleye just out of Wattam Bay. Mike, trying not to be outdone came up with a 36 inch northern, just falling short of his son’s prize. They also made a fly-in trip to Grace Lake to fish for the day catching over 60 large, fat, juicy northerns. Austin is thinking of coming up to do some guide work here at Miminiska when he finishes his schooling, and with a track record like he has had over the years, he’s going to be run ragged by requests for his secret spots.

Ray Boreham had a great six day trip catching almost everything available in the lake area, brook trout, walleye and northern. His favorite catch being a 21 inch brook trout, which he brought up on a “little cleo,” something that seems to be proving itself as a popular bit of tackle for nailing these brookies. We had the chance to “chat on tape” with Ray as he was waiting to board his flight back to Atlanta. Hear his trip recap here.

Jeff, Dennis, and Elliot from Toronto found one of my secret hot spots, shore lunch island, which is where I like to do a spot of fishing just before the guests arrive for some of that good old walleye fried up to a nice crisp delicious finish (haha just starting to tease you). It’s a cracker of a spot and Jeff nailed a 22 inch walleye on his first cast into the water. The fishing is so good that the guests have been getting sick of reeling in a walleye on almost every cast that they give up! Well, it leaves them all in there for me to catch! Dennis caught himself a lovely 20 inch brook trout, which was a real treat. They continued to make the trip up to Fergusson each evening, not really telling me much about what they were catching, which makes me think they have a nice secret spot going up that way that may have to be explored – hmmmmmm I’m on to you guys.

Dan from Wisconsin landed himself a 28 inch Master Angler walleye on his second day out, Dan braved the elements to bring in this monster which I have decided to call as my “bloody good effort” award for this week.

I have brought in a new test of strength for the anglers up here, the Vegemite test, if an angler can handle a piece of Vegemite on toast (Vegemite being the great Australian sandwich spread) then I will sit them down and let them in on the Australian secret of “Drop Bears”, something one must learn about, and be thankful they don’t have them here in Canada.

Well, hoo-roo for this week.
…Tristan Yuswak

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