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G’Day G’Day From Miminiska Mates

Talk about a fishing bonanza!
wilderness north guestThis week at Miminiska Lodge we have seen some exceptional fishing both on fly and spin cast. Dan from Wisconsin was still around and out to beat his 28 inch walleye. He and his mate Bill took the opportunity to switch to the fly rods and head up the Keezhik River to take on some trout. Dan landed 2 big brookies, 19 and 18 inches a piece, and then snapped on a couple of big walleye up in the rapids as well. Dan, “Walleye Dan”, you’re a cracking good sport mate, and come back you blokes, you were a riot! Bill was almost carried away by the mozzie’s (mosquitoes), but still loved the experience of that amazing area.

Guest at Miminiska, Wilderness North fly insMike and Liz our new mates from Niagara Falls, Canada, flew in to a warm welcome from the walleye clan here, quickly notching up a nice feed to get them in the fishing mood. I am actually starting to get a bit of a craving for shore lunch now, so I am always trying to work my way into some of that delicious food, just can’t get enough of it. Austin from Tennessee knows exactly how I feel, huh mate? On their first afternoon of fishing Mike and Liz tired themselves out pulling up pike and walleye, and we had a bit of a repeat occurrence, where Liz pulled up a 32 inch northern on an ultra-light rod, 6 pound line with a jig and twister-tail, seems to be a new fetish up here for the northern. They must be sitting under the water saying: “Watch this one mate, let’s see if I can break this rod!” But they do actually build the rods better than they used to now, so these northerns aren’t getting away without a photo shoot.

Tristan Yuswak, Wilderness North staffThe weather has been a bit rainy and blowy up here, kinda reminds me of the Indian Ocean, where I belong, sailing the seven seas aboard our sloop Eloise. But it is going to be a tough call heading home after a summer of this amazing boreal forest and the fishing up here. My mates back in Oz, just cannot believe the amount of fish being brought out of the water here, so I think you should come up and give me some more statistics to go home with!
Hoo-roo for this week.
…Tristan Yuswak

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