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Forty Five Inches?

Tyler LancasterThe Beringers from Ohio joined us for some good fishing this week at Striker’s Point Lodge in the heart of the Wabakimi Provincial Park. John Sr., his wife Nancy, John Jr., his sons Johnny & Danny, Suzie and her husband Chuck, and nephew Ollie made up the group. It was their first experience on Whitewater Lake and they could not believe the size of it. (26,000 acres) With lots of water to cover, they split into two teams, Chuck, Suzie, John Sr., and Nancy on one, the remaining four on the other. With an expensive steak dinner tab on the line for the losers, it was neck and neck until the last day. John Sr.’s squad came out on top. Enjoy those steaks guys.

John Sr 45in Pike SPL 2008Along with numerous Walleye, two trophy Pike were taken during their trip. Ollie caught a 42 inch monster on his first day while jigging for Walleye at “water bottle point.” John Sr. caught the biggest Pike of his long fishing career on his last day of fishing. He has been coming to Canada for 68 years and this time he boated a 45in big girl, a true trophy. The fish was caught in 16 ft of water while slow trolling a silver William’s Wabler. “We were drifting out in the current in about 13-24 ft of water, just dragging white and chartreuse tails on ¼ oz and 3/8 oz heads.”
Fishing was excellent at the Ogoki inflow right next to Whitewater Lodge.
…Tyler Lancaster

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