Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

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Fishing at Striker’s Point… Never a dull moment

Fishing at Strikers has never been better, with many of the groups reeling in large catches before lunch and landing some beautiful master anglers. This past week at strikers we had a change from the usual groups and entertained several guest from China. For most of them, it was their first time fishing, and their first time staying at a Canadian fly-in fishing resort. We topped off their list of firsts with a shore lunch around nice campfire where they had their first taste of roasted marshmallow. What a wonderful privilege to be able to offer an authentic Ontario wilderness experience to overseas visitors.

Towards the end of their stay, we also welcomed the Wenzel brothers, Dick & Doug, along with the Brosted father and son duo. Eric’s 12 yr old son thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to Canada, and is already hinting to his dad about planning their next venture north. The action the two experienced this trip will be hard to beat -thanks to Deb and Butch for making this trip so memorable.

The Wenzel’s found a sweet spot off the left side of the point going into the river. Using orange jigheads with yellow twister-tails in 20 ft of water they caught a 26in walleye in the morning, and came back that evening to land a nice 29.5 incher. The Wenzels and Brosteds gave way to the Bergstrom party who continued on the trend of excellent fishing. Chris Dimmer from the Bergstrom party caught a 41+in pike on a black bucktail in 6 ft of water off the coast of Best Island. Aside from great fishing, the Bergstrom party was also granted with a spectacular display of pristine Ontario wilderness as they witnessed a bear and caribou swimming across the narrows. For a big animal, bears are surprisingly fast swimmers -must be all that great fish in the water.

trophy catch August 2012, Wilderness North

The Bergstrom’s were followed by the Renninger’s and our newest arrivals; the Hendry’s and friends, who make up the 31 Inc. team. The Renninger Party took full advantage of their trip to Strikers and thoroughly enjoyed their stay at our first rate facility. Despite having some nasty weather there was not one bad day of the trip and they fished every day. Larry, the early riser of the group, got up each morning at 4 a.m. to enjoy the scenic wilderness over a fresh cup of coffee and plan the days fishing. His morning ritual paid off as both he and Keith caught their largest pikes ever in their many years of fishing. Keith landed his master angler jigging with a worm, while Larry reeled in his using a walleye… well, while reeling in a walleye his 40in pike jumped out of the water and latched on with a death grip. Two for the price of one! …or so the story goes.

The 31 Inc. team of 8 got off to a great start with Monte Doerr reeling in a 42in Northern on Tuesday just before supper in 18ft of water with flicker shad crankbait on 10 lb test line -What a beaut! Billy followed soon after, landing another magnificent 42in northern on Wednesday. With two master anglers already these boys are off to a good start. If this hot streak keeps up, next week’s fishing report should be a good one.

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