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Everybody Likes to Talk About the Weather

Alan CheesemanWeather 2007Literally every phone call we get, begins with, “So what’s the weather like up there?” Usually followed by, “What’s it going to be like when we come up?” It’s easy to answer the first question..but that second one…now there’s the challenge. We would like to say, everyday is perfect: (72 and clear and only rains at night)…however we would rather tell the truth, so guests can prepare. One thing we do know: certain weather conditions impact fish more than they impact people…and vice-versa. Here’s a weather truth we have learned. Low pressure (usually cloudy and rain) replaced by high pressure (clear blue-bird days) can create “lock-jaw” for a while.
My advice: Fish slow. Fish deep. The bite generally returns within 24 hours.

I contacted Rick Gollat, our area MNR Fisheries Biologist and all around “wise man” and asked him. “So what does the summer  look like?-Long range?” His e-mail response was a “guestimate” based on what he thinks, historic averages, and forecasts from, you guessed it, The Old Farmers Almanac. Take a look below. And never hesitate to call and chat about the weather…

Now about that long range forecast!

2007 Weather Outlook

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