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Eight Pike over 40″ on Whitewater! WOW!

Tyler -spring fishing on Caribou LakeIt was an outstanding week of fishing at Striker’s Point Lodge on Whitewater Lake. A special award should be given to the Rader group on their accomplishments. Over the week they managed to land and release 10 trophy Pike and many more on the verge of 40 inches. Scott Rader’s 45.5″, 23.2 lb slob topped the list. Greg Law put on quite the clinic with 43.5″, 43″, 40.5″, and 39″ brutes. Sean Deneen had a strong week with his two 41.5″, and 40.5″ Northerns. Mike Ratliff managed a 43.5″, Ken Rader a 41.5″, and Ron Mahrt a 40″. Robert McLennan could have taken the title with a huge specimen lost in the cradle at the side of the boat, estimated at well over 45″. And lest we forget, Tim Bradley’s twin 39″ beauties and plentiful amounts of Walleye. The trophies were taken from various locations including the narrows, the Ogoki outflow, Best Island, and Gull Island, just out from the Red Roof Cabins. Half of them were caught while jigging for Walleye, and the rest while trolling medium depth divers, like shad raps in about 20 to 25 feet of water.

The Shiree group whom are strictly Walleye anglers showed their prowess by boating Walleye of biblical proportions. They tangled with a few large Pike as well.

Tom and Bob had a great, relaxing getaway, and despite vicious colds, managed to get out and catch plenty of fish.
….Tyler Lancaster

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