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Cool Weather but Hot Fishing

The sun is shining and the fish are biting, what could be better?
For many of us in the north –especially those who toughed it out last week– the answer would be warmer weather! While it has been a late start to the season, and temperatures have been cooler than average, warmer weather is on the way bringing some normality back to the region.

Late ice out and cooler temperatures have left many anglers wondering what the 2013 season would be like. I think the numbers speak for themselves, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for angling and large trophy catches! Last week Makokibatan lived up to its reputation as a “walleye hot spot” giving up several large Master Anglers. This week the walleye goldmine delivered again as Pete reeled in the catch of the season, a whopping 29in walleye! Get the full story on the Makokibatan Monster here.

Known for both pike and walleye, Whitewater Lodge left the walleye fishing for guests at Makok but coughed up a string of large trophy pike. The Stombaugh/Vernick party had a blast this week, taking full advantage of some hot pike fishing to bring in a total of 10 Master Anglers! Caleb, one of the guests, even managed to catch the same 42in pike twice over the course of his stay.  Long-time guest Ted landed two monster pike a 40in and a 43incher. Not wanting to be outdone by the boys, Paula reeled in two trophies of her own with a 40in caught off the dock and a 44in pike. Adding to the excitement at Whitewater, Wayne managed to land a real beauty –a hefty 42in lake trout which he pulled right out of the rapids.

Rounding out this week’s news, Krista provides a great recipe for Father’s Day -especially for those dads who can’t get out fishing. Last but not least, Graham fills us in on the latest round of adverse weather and shares some stunning local photos.

Take care, and as always, it’s great to hear from you!
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