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April 9th Words from the Wilderness

If April showers are supposed to bring May flowers…
what do snow flurries bring?
Last weekend, we were up in Armstrong enjoying some beautiful weather, fresh snow, and a bit of ice fishing. The heavy snow on the lakes is insulating the ice from the higher sun and there is still considerable slush, which can turn a weekend ice fishing trip into an adventure, if you’re not careful. My oldest daughter (Megan) and I took the opportunity to climb one of the cliffs at McKenzie Lake, while the rest of the gang monitored a couple of lines.
The only thing more incredible than the view looking down onto the lake was the time shared with family and friends. There were a couple of vertical sections in the climb. As I held Megan’s foot from slipping while ascending one of the vertical rock sections, she exclaimed with a slightly cheeky tone, “now this is some quality father daughter time”. The challenge of the climb combined with the one-on-one time was incredible, an experience we will never forget. I have witnessed the same “magic”, countless times, while greeting the Otter returning from one of our lodges or outposts. I don’t think there is a better place in this hectic world to experience quality time with friends and family than in a wilderness setting. There is something special about remoteness. It makes you more aware. It exposes you to the simplicity of life where you’re likely to rediscover what really matters…>

As opener now looms within sight I thought I would point out some of the springtime hot spots at our American Plan destinations:

  • Miminiska Lake Notables: Snake Falls, Mim Falls, Ferguson Creek, Keezhik/Troutfly Creeks, Wottam Creek, Honey Hole, Narrows, Howells Lake, Walleye Mine, Airstrip Bay, Wottam Lake, Narrows Bay.
  •  Makokibatan Lake Gems: Walleye Alley, The Cut, Albany Outflow, Sand Point, Frenchman’s Rapids, Poplar Tree.
  • Striker’s Point/ Whitewater Lake x’s: The Narrows, Ogoki Inflow/Outflow, Goldsborough Creek, Bay of Pigs, McKinley Bay/Creek, Mice Creek, The Hallway…>

I am always looking at finding ways of combining my love of food with tourism and I came upon an article this week in Global Travel Industry News about food at busy US airports. According to the article, Chicago’s O’Hare was named #2 in the country. Along with what seems like endless options there, famous chef Rick Bayless has opened up 2 restaurants at O’Hare (one is in Terminal 3 where the direct flights to Thunder Bay originate) called Tortas Fontera Grill. Airport food is no longer sandwiches in plastic containers, although you can still find them at most airports! At both Terminals 1 & 3 in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, there are also a plethora of options for the discerning foodie traveler…>

Oh, what a fun time we had! With temperatures over 50F and lots of sunshine, Good Friday weekend was a huge success. We fished, snowmobiled, had boil ups, and partook in a few traditional drinks ;). More often than not, fisher people are armed with stories of the big one that got away-that was the case this weekend. For the full story and this week’s Newfie word be sure to read the newsletter!

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