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Alex’s Picks

I’m heading into my second season with Wilderness North and I am excited to get on the water. I had the pleasure of doing some guiding last season at Mim and also spent some time at Mojikit. Fishing was on fire last year and I know it will be even better for 2019. Take a look at my list of must haves that I bring when I head up north!

Jig heads:

16 ¼ oz jig heads orange and white.

12 3/8 oz jig heads orange and white

Crank Baits:

5 deep diving  Variety of colours and patterns.

5 shallow diving


5 5inch William Wobblers

5 3inch William Wobblers

Gold, Copper, Silver


25 3-inch twister tails white.

25 3-inch twister tails orange or chartreuse

1 pair of needle nose pliers.

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