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Zig+Moj+Dawn=Master Anglers

Krista Cheeseman, Wilderness NorthI can not believe my own ears when I hear the reports from guests returning from Zig Zag Lake – the only lake among our remote outpost cabin destinations that has low water levels. One group of three anglers caught six – count them – 6 Walleye over 26 inches, among – are you ready for this? – the 1200 fish they caught in their four day trip.

Then there is that moving water below the Summit Dam near our Mojikit Channel camp. This fast moving cold water continues to produce big Walleye even in as little as five feet of water. And Dawn Lake? Two big trophy Northerns in the middle of summer.

Listen to my podcast in which I name names and where the fish were caught, on what lures they were caught, and in what kind of patterns. And learn why I was recently promoted to “Goddess of Lure Selection” … at last a little recognition for a girl in boy’s world. 🙂
…Krista Cheeseman

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