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Fall Turnover Turns ’em On!

He’s not your average Joe.
It’s Joe Pichey and his group we’re talking about this week. He and his group of college pals headed out to Zig Zag Lake over the Labour Day holiday…and caught some of those wandering, hungry, toothy Northern Pike. Two of ‘em were big enough to become Master Anglers (40 inch plus). In fact Douglas, McKinney TX, who claimed he was “no angler” reeled in his 41 inch Master Angler entry after being on the lake for only about an hour on day one. That’s Joe with his 42”  and Doug in the other two.

Joe Pike 2007, Wilderness North

Joe, like so many of our guests, is a returning angler. He has chosen Zig Zag because of its reputation for both trophy pike and walleye. However, Joe reports in this week’s podcast, that while the group caught plenty of Walleye they did not find those elusive 26 inch plus golden big girls we know are there. It’s interesting to listen to Joe on the podcast explaining how heading into the quiet Canadian wilderness is the perfect getaway from the hectic urban life he leads in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis.

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistThe big pike all came from the adjacent lake to Zig Zag…Crescent Lake. The pattern? 10-12 feet of stained water with grass. The weather was typical fall; windy, rainy at times, with 65-75 degree days. Fronts pass through quickly, so it’s easy to experience several weather and fishing patterns all on the same day. Joe reports, “We just casted those flashy metal Johnson Silver Minnows…and Cyclops spoons and BAMM those big pike could not say NO.”

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